Key Action 2, IST- 2001- 39107
Action Line: IST-2002-2.1.2

Roadmap for ICT Solutions for Rural Areas and Maritime Regions


This Thematic Network aims to build a strategic RTD roadmap developing an Information and Communication Technologies vision which will ensure the economically and technically feasible deployment of information and communication solutions for rural areas (including also maritime regions and islands).

The project will analyse: trends in technology development of equipment needed and foreseen; deployment of services which integrate the equipment; and knowledge management development which will allow the integration of the above for the globalised rural work and life environment.

The Thematic Network will analyse different scenarios of joint public and private initiatives and business models to be constituted in the near future. RURAL WINS solution will lower the discriminatory gap nowadays existing between rural and urban areas as regards broadband accessibility and applications deployment.

As a result a broad constituency will have been formed around the proposed Information Society business models.

Specific attention needs to be paid to maritime regions which are neither urban nor rural areas but which share some of the ICT deployment obstacles of rural areas.

The project will compare alternative business models based on the need to deliver voice, broadband internet and marketplace applications specifically oriented to solve the problems and to exploit the opportunities of the rural economy.

As a result a broad constituency will have been formed around the proposed Information Society business models. A report will be delivered containing the findings of the work done:

  • Information and communications technology trends (what will happen in a five and ten years scope) as regards the technologies affecting the rural, island and maritime sector.
  • Socioeconomic impact of these trends in all types of rural areas. The main applications to be analysed could be: eInclusion applications (including eGovernment, eHealth, CyberCommunities, etc), eBusiness, New Business opportunities (Teleworking, Tourism, delocalisation of AgriFood Industries, etc), Food safety and eLearning and eCulture.
  • Propositions for (private, public, public-private) business models to overcome discriminatory status.
  • Proposition to create a large constituency group working in this field.


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